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Last updated on: 2016-11-16 10:55:19 UTC

Hints for gramps in xenial

gramps/4.2.2~dfsg-1: gramps.desktop ⚙ amd64 ⚙ armhf ⚙ i386 ⚙ s390x ⚙ arm64 ⚙ ppc64el ⚙ powerpc


  • icon-format-unsupported
    Icon file 'gramps.xpm' uses an unsupported image file format.
  • gui-app-without-icon
    The GUI application (application which has a .desktop file for the XDG menu and Type=Application) with AppStream-ID 'gramps.desktop' has been found, but we could not find a matching icon.


  • ancient-metadata
    The AppStream metadata should be updated to follow a more recent version of the specification.
    Please consult the XML quickstart guide for more information.